Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not one bit

I have not done one bit of sewing or knitting all week. :0/ I looked around and decided my free time really needed to be spent cleaning. This is most unusual for me, especially since we weren't even expecting company!

Do you have a place in your house you would never never never photograph for your blog, because, well, even after spending four hours cleaning it is still a disaster? I admit I don't clean our porch nearly often enough. You see, every single time I get it reasonably tidy, someone brings something large into the household, and decides the porch is the best place to store it.

I accumulated several bags of cardboard and paper to take to the recycling center, a few bags to take to Goodwill, and yes, some things that no one would have any use for at all, that went into the trash.

I also cleaned our closet and found something I hadn't seen in years. It is made from shirt sleeves, cut into three inch squares. Years ago I worked for a uniform company. Sometimes perfectly good long sleeved shirts needed to become short sleeved shirts. I got to keep the sleeves, and made quite a few things out of them. Baby quilts for co-workers, place mats, pillows, and a doll quilt, as shown, just for fun.

Larry and I had a GREAT walk this morning. We started out just going to the Post Office to mail our letters - er, bills. Yes, as my nephew kindly pointed out, they do make house calls, but we like our walks. Once we arrived we decided to take a different route home, so we could see all the flowering trees in the cemetery. Once there, we strayed further from our planned route, and ended up walking for two hours and twenty minutes! I do wish we had taken the camera. We saw one lovely sight right after another, such as a beautiful small lake with ducks, geese, and a swan gliding majestically along. It had a lovely walking path alongside which we thoroughly enjoyed.

I hope I'll do some sewing this week!


Daisy said...

I like the baby quilt made from shirt sleeves. How clever! It is really cute. I guess cleaning has to be done every once in a while whether we want to or not. I hope you can get back to your knitting or sewing soon though.

Your walk sounds like it was quite lovely. That is always the way with me, when I don't have the camera with me, I see all sorts of things I want to take a picture of.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your walk sounds wonderful! And as for places in my home that I would never dare show on the blog..... shall we say that I struggle to find places in my home that I CAN show?!? ;o)

Lucy xxx

ladydi said...

Thanks, Daisy! I wonder if we should get one of those cameras Simon and Garfunkle sang about - you know, his bow tie is really a camera. Not that I have a lot of use for bow ties. LOL.

You are too funny, Lucy! The parts you've shown us are lovely.

The Gingerbread House said...

That's a fine looking quilt! I like the idea of cleaning :o) My Studio looks a mess and it needs to be put in order...I haven't done that much work for it to look like it does...I just finished the sample shawl from Folk looks pretty good...I'm blocking it now before I get too busy...I can't clean like I used to ;o(

Suzanne said...

The walk seems so beautiful and what a nice way for you and Larry to spend some time together.
I have a back room and in one corner is the biggest washing pile you have ever seen, I never get caught up but at least we know where it is.
Happy sewing to you this week.