Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

                                                       Visiting Mom

Mama sits in her chair with her eyes far away
Resting there, waiting there day after day.
The stranger comes in and says, "Hi, Mom it's me."
The voice sounds familiar, but who can it be?

A day of talking and reading and let's go outside,
See the birds and the trees and the great big blue sky.
With the wheelchair it's easy to tour the grounds.
The flowers are lovely, they grow in great mounds.

Mama remembers the hymns of her youth
her soft voice is sharing the safe words of truth
Her once brilliant mind is reduced now to wisps
of things she once knew; we sigh as she slips

Into the tired old woman who wants to go home.
She doesn't remember the way to her room,
doesn't know that she lives here in 184.
With her very own lighthouse attached to the door.

Goodbye, Mom, we'll see you the next time we come,
Again bringing chocolate that makes you say, "Yum!"
This disease that is cruel has one kindness left
It lets you remember the food you like best!