Friday, October 28, 2011

The thing I do worst.

Mmmm. . . the Sweet Alyssum have a delightful fragrance, and are still blooming as though it were summer.
Every Sunday afternoon my brother and I visit our mom. He has watched me knit many pairs of socks, so I decided to make a pair for him. Nice chocolate colored socks.
One of my co-workers had a birthday, so I made this charming cat pillow for her.
It is hard to believe that this will ever look like
this, but it's supposed to. I'll keep you posted.
The thing I do worst is shop. I have told you many times that the only way I like to shop is if I can walk to the store. Then I at least have the fun of walking to take away the pain of shopping. Last year you lived through my raincoat saga with me. That same raincoat is one year older and more decrepit this year. I went to a store with the word "coat" in the name (as in Burlington Coat Factory) . Do you think they had raincoats? No, but I did buy a small vacuum cleaner. The cashier asked if I found everything I needed. "I was looking for a raincoat," I told her.
" Well, at least you didn't leave empty handed," she said. (I didn't say "thank you for your help."
The next store I went to has clothes and coats and shoes, so I asked about raincoats. The saleswoman looked surprised, and said, "We don't have raincoats," as though I had asked if they had fishing bait. Excuse me! I live in Northeast Ohio. It rains here. It rains so much that this year we surpassed the all time record high rainfall for the area since the time anyone has kept records for such things. If you like to walk, you need a raincoat. The twelve year old one is all very well for just walking, but many of our walks go among civilized people.
So I ordered one from a catalog. When it arrived someone near and dear to me said, "Is there a reason you ordered that color? Is it supposed to be that long?" I didn't like it either, so I sent it back.
The third try should be the charm, don't you think? I just ordered a different one. Different color, different length, and four inside pockets. We'll see.
Hey - it's the weekend! Enjoy.