Monday, April 19, 2010

Global Economy

I got a really fun surprise in the mail today. Look what Heather sent from Ireland! Her crochet work is just outstanding. I hope I can learn to do that. I love the gift tag she made, too. I feel so badly that air travel has been halted for so many days. I know it is creating a hardship in ways I wouldn't have thought of.
Another vote of confidence for the doctor who said the soon to be born grandchild of a co-worker will be a girl.
I had lots of fun with this!
I started it after work on Friday, and finished it yesterday afternoon. My shoulders ached by the time the last stitch was in place. Would you like to hear a really lazy method of binding a quilt? I've done this a lot. I make sure the backing is at least one inch bigger all the way around than the top. After it is all quilted I just fold the backing over the edge, pin in place, and stitch. Presto - a neatly bound quilt. I forgot to take a picture of the back, and I already delivered it, so it's too late now. The back is solid animal print fabric with a border of a brown print , which is the binding you see.


Daisy said...

Heather's crocheting is lovely!

It sure looks to me from here that a baby girl is going to be born! HA HA! The bib is very cute, and I really love the quilt.

Suzanne said...

Glad some mail got through to you.
The quilt looks lovely and any baby will want that.

I told mum about your mittens today and she was happy to hear about them.