Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Generation gap. . .

or gender gap? "Someone" needed a notebook. He drove to the store, using perhaps 50 cents worth of gas to get there and back. He selected his notebook from the clearance rack and took it to the checkout. He never carries cash, just uses his debit card for all purchases. Even when the purchase is for THREE CENTS!
For those who are not familiar with our monetary system, three cents is like giving it away for free. Printing the receipt probably cost more than three cents, not to mention the cashier's time.

This person of whom I'm speaking has change in his car. You know, the odd quarter, nickel, dime, and yes, a few pennies. But he was at the checkout, the change was in the car, he had the notebook in hand, and just wanted to continue on his way.

Does this signify a generation gap, or gender gap? Both. I don't even have a debit card, but I do have a purse which always has at least three cents in it. :>}

(But if I found notebooks for three cents you can be assured I would have purchased more than one!)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life is too short. . .

to use a nasty dishrag. Yesterday I got out the hand knit dishrag. It's great!
I have no idea yet what I'm doing with these.

It may be fall, but the petunias and sweet alysum still look good.
We put some mums in this fall. Every time I see them I remember my after school job at Hough Bakeries. All the fall cakes had lovely frosting mums on them.
Such pretty colors! Thanks to Larry for buying them and planting them. The gal at the store (Aldi) told us, "When you see the ad saying we'll have mums, you have to get here at 9:00 when we open. If you wait until 9:15 they'll be gone." Larry got there a minute or two before the store opened, and eight people were ahead of him. When the door opened they all zoomed over to the flower display, and within minutes they were all gone. Of course other stores in town have more, but you can't beat $3 per plant.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's a good thing. . .

that remarks about the weather don't actually affect it. Otherwise I would be even more unhappy that our swimming season ended rather abruptly. Right after I mentioned the heat in my last post the temperature dropped. The pool water went down to 62 degrees, and there's no recovering from that once the daylight hours are shorter.

Closing the pool is a lot of work, and no fun at all. Fortunately it's done for another year. This time of year I always fantasize about having an indoor pool. Totally expensive and out of the question, but fun to think about.

On the bright side, it was one of our best swimming seasons ever! I logged about 58 miles, one 18 foot lap at a time. All that turning is very good exercise. LOL! Last year the water was pretty cold most of the summer, and I doubt if I swam more than ten miles. The strange thing is, I feel like I'm flying when I swim, but it takes me 42 minutes to swim a mile. It takes 20 minutes to walk a mile. How can that be?

I have started knitting another pair of socks, this time for Larry. I hope this pair won't take three months like the last one did. If it does they'll be ready just in time for Christmas. Do you believe that Christmas is in just over three months? Time to get busy with our projects. :>}

I hope you have a lovely week!

Thursday, September 2, 2010