Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In which

the archaeological dig continues and it becomes abundantly clear that I have not spent nearly enough time dusting.  You have dust bunnies?  I have dust dragons.

The more time I spend packing, the less inclined I am to save things.  Yesterday we read each wedding card and then dropped it in the recycling.  When we come to the baby cards we will do the same thing.

We have two storage units that are nearly full.  When it comes time to unpack I will wonder why I thought some of those things were worth saving, and the purge will continue.

Often when cleaning in the last 32 years I would tell myself I had to put away, throw away, or give away at least 10 items every day until. . .

well that was the problem.  Until I got tired of it.  Which happened all too soon.  I used to tell myself that if we were moving there was no way I would save such-and-such.  But we weren't moving, so I did save whatever-it-was.

Now we are moving, and I think of my friend Lisa.  She moved from Kauai to Northern California.  She certainly couldn't fill up two storage units with things to haul across the ocean.  Every time I feel overwhelmed I think of Lisa.  Moving five miles down the road with no actual deadline is NOTHING compared to traveling halfway around the world with no turning back. It would be somewhat freeing to know for sure that I just had to get rid of EVERYTHING.  Less is more is sounding better and better.

We signed and signed and then signed some more yesterday, so the deed is done.  We will have a new address soon.