Sunday, August 7, 2011


I can tell I'm getting old. I spend Saturday nights sitting outside knitting and watching the flowers grow. These hibuscus flowers are as large as dinner plates. If you scroll back, I show these every year - they are magnificent.Each blossom blooms in miraculous glory for one day, then it withers and falls to the ground. Mother Nature really outdoes herself with these.

We have red ones, too! I have seen them in white and yellow as well.

We really can watch the sunflowers grow and change. They start out as a bundle of green leaves. The lovely yellow petals unfold from the center, then the middle portion, looking so much like a spirograph drawing, starts opening from the outer edge, sending lots of pollen for the bees to wallow in.

We store up the memories of all this glorious color for the winter when the world seems black and white for about four months.

Even if we never get a pumpkin, the yellow blossoms give the side of the house a cheerful look.

I hope your summer is full of miracles, too.