Sunday, April 27, 2008


Once I got going, the free motion quilting was fun! I tried something different in each of the pink blocks.

This stippling is fun!

A little free motion tic-tac-toe.

Do you see the project manager making his inspection?

Kari's quilt is finished! This is the first quilt larger than a baby quilt that I have quilted on the machine, and if you could see my tiny sewing corner you would see why I prefer smaller projects. I was a bit intimidated, especially when I could tell I did not have enough purple thread to do the whole thing. Our foremothers didn't let a little thing like that prevent them from finishing their projects, and I didn't either. I did a very simple grid pattern overall, making enormous 9" squares. Then I used bright pink thread and did free motion quilting in each of the pink squares. It looks okay until you see the back; the pink thread does not enhance the purple backing, but we're not going to worry about that. You know what they say; "Finished is better than perfect." Yes, it is!


Tine said...

This looks perfect to me! And I love the pieced purple back! It's like two-quilts-in-one! Your niece is going to be so happy!
I can't believe that's your first try at free motion quilting! It looks wonderful :-)

And....speaking of wonderful, I received the fabrics you sent me today! I can't believe it! They are all so beautiful! Thank you so so much!!

Daisy said...

Hi Diana! I was just surfing through some of the blogs and came across yours. What a delightful site. :-) I love the quilt---it is really beautiful! You must have put a great deal of time into it. Your niece is lucky to have such a caring aunt. I used to sew quite a bit, but haven't done much lately as my machine is old, and it hasn't been working very well of late. I enjoyed the photos of your tulips and other flowers too. I live in northwest Ohio. Come visit my blog anytime if you are interested. I plan on returning to yours again soon. :-D