Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good Books!

I would have included Lisa Boyer's other book "That Dorky Homemade Look" except my friend Liz is borrowing it at the moment. You will love her books! She is hilarious and has great ideas, and of course her quilts aren't dorky at all, they are gorgeous. You can see them at her website,

Liz and I went to hear Jennifer Chiaverini read a little from her newest book, "The Winding Ways Quilt," and answer questions from the audience, last Wednesday at Laurel Lake in Hudson, Ohio. It was the third time I've been to see her, and she was charming as always. I thought the audience came up with some fairly lame questions but she was a good sport about it. One person complained that the paperbacks aren't all the same size, and don't fit well on her shelf together. (As though the author has any control over that.)

Well, ladies, I love your books and I collect them all whatever the size. I might not be able to afford to get my hair cut, but I can always buy books!

I keep pestering Lisa to write another book and include all the great info she posts on her blog about color choice and quilting techniques.


Tine said...

That does look like some good books! And you made me laugh out loud with the may-not-pay-for-haircut-but-will-always-pay -for-a-book remark! I so agree with that!!

Lisa Boyer said...

Enjoy! About pestering me to write another--my publisher has wanted another for a couple of years...but I've been so busy and just felt "out" of ideas. That's really why I started get the ideas flowing again. At least I'm thinking about it again!

CONNIE W said...

We must think alike, I recently posted about these books too. I just read The Winding Ways Quilt and I really loved it. I met Jennifer briefly at a quilt show when she signed a book for me but she was rather quiet and we didn't chat. I would love to attend something like you attended though. Sounds really nice. Next on my reading list is Lisa's books. I adore her too.