Sunday, May 4, 2008


Something mysterious happens to panty hose.
They can sit quietly in the drawer for fourteen years doing nothing, and when you go to put them on, you find that the elastic has disintegrated. Do you think that shoulder pads
may have gone out of style sometime during those fourteen years? Ah, but this ensemble contains something new - my cute new navy Skechers which I bought just for Valerie's wedding, which was yesterday. Lovely bride, handsome groom, and very nice service, all except for the poor groomsman who passed out with a loud thump just as the minister was describing how God made woman from Adam's rib. I'm not sure if the minister was being a bit too graphic, or if the guy's necktie was too tight, or what, but he was able to get up after a short pause in the ceremony. He didn't stay for the rest, but at least he seemed to be okay.


Tine said...

LOL! I have tried putting on a pair of hose like that. Not an alltogether nice experience!
You look wonderful.

Poor groomsman! Was he okay?
And....did Valerie and her new husband like their placemats? I'm sure they did, the placemats are gorgeous! I still can't believe that fabric!

ladydi said...

Yes, the groomsman seemed to be okay. He didn't stay for the rest of the service though. As a side note, the girls in the wedding party carried pink umbrellas to match their pink dresses and shoes when we went outside. Cute! A nice way to deal with something they had no control over; the rain.