Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Buzzards Are Back!

I am so happy to see that the buzzards are back - a sure sign that spring is finally here. I admire those amazing creatures ever so much - from a distance. Their flight patterns make the other birds look silly - all that flapping and squawking. Buzzards just soar and dip; one little tip of the wing and they go gliding off in another direction. I could watch them for hours.

Last summer we went to an outdoor concert and I happened to look up to see seventeen of these majestic birds soaring and weaving among one another as though dancing to the music. It was indescribably lovely. When the music ended they dispersed; the dance was over.

I dare not post a picture because they fly so high they would not show up well in a photo, and up close they are UUG-LY. They are the most humane of creatures - they only eat decaying cadavers that mother natures needs to have cleared away from the landscape. When we're working outside, if we are quietly pulling weeds in one place for a while we might see a shadow overhead. It's time to wave our arms around to remind Mr. Buzzard that we are alive and well, go look for dinner somewhere else.

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Lisa Boyer said...

I feel the same way about buzzards--they're very cool. We don't have them here, though. I like spiders, too! I like all bugs who eat other bugs...

Your blog is fun, Diana! I forgot to subscribe to it before, but now you're on my list. I enjoyed seeing what you look like!