Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Purse

One UFO down, several to go. I finally finished the purse I started last month when I had the week off. The colors look a little off here. It is actually a gorgeous shade of purple with forest green trim. It has a zippered pocket inside and an open pocket outside. I love making a purse to my own specifications. The outside pocket is where I put letters to mail so I don't forget them.

The lining is aqua. I like the inside to be a light color because it makes it easier to find things. My wallet, glasses case, and cell phone case are all black and show up nicely against the aqua lining. Maybe I need to branch out and make the above items in more interesting colors!

1 comment:

Tine said...

I like the idea of an outside pocket for letters you need to mail. I need one of those on my bags! Cannot even count the number of times I come back home, and after carrying Ask (quite heavy by now), groceries, and whatever else I might have bought up to our 3rd floor apartment -no elevator- I find the letters still in my bag!!!