Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Surrounded by crickets!

Wow, it's really loud around here. The crickets are chirping for all they're worth outside, and we have the windows open. We can hardly hear anything else! Crickets are a sure sign that we're nearing summer's end.

Blogger is accepting my photos for the first time in two days, so I'm catching up. This is the finished I Spy - yay! The cat was trying to climb up it while we were taking pictures. I tried doing free motion quilting, but my machine jammed about a dozen times, so I went back to my tried and true grid. I'm just glad to have it finished!

See this good looking guy? We went to pick blueberries at a friend's house, and came home with seven pints. The pipes you see here hold netting to keep the birds out.

After ten weeks off, school is starting tomorrow. I have to remove the "Ahhhh Summer!" wall hanging from the bulletin board at work and replace it with this. I don't want the school children to feel badly. :>} As you can see I was really enjoying this design.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by.


Suzanne said...

Your I spy quilt looks so lovely. I cat believe how many projects you get done, its amazing.
Blueberries from a friends house sound a wonderful summer treat, a little sad for you that your summer is about to end, though autumn is a lovely season too.

Owen said...

Mmm, blueberry pie in the making maybe ? Liked your poem very much, left a little note there...

Daisy said...

Diana, your finished I spy quilt is wonderful! I love fresh blueberries. I like to put them on cereal or pancakes. Your back to school art is really cute! :D

Tine said...

your I SPY is wonderful! Free motion quilting can be such a pain...it jams my machine too sometimes, and it can take the joy out if quilting!
And I can't quilt grids, so I just wait for a few days and try again :/