Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday thoughts

Good morning on this lovely Sunday. Blogger is being very stubborn about posting pictures so we will do without. I finished the I Spy quilt - yay! I like the black binding a lot, and will post a photo eventually.

Larry and I were invited to a friend's house to pick blueberries yesterday, so we'll be having more cobbler today. Come join us!

I practically never go to those parties where you have to buy something; you know, Tupperware, Party-lite, etc. I did make an exception this week when our next door neighbor invited me to her Pampered Chef party. She's the one who called 911 for Daniel on that very bad day back in 2007, so I didn't want to turn her down. Also, I needed a Pampered Chef microwave pan. I had one, but once when David was moving it moved with him, and then he moved back without it. Have you been to one of their parties? Well, let me tell you, they know how to sell. The gal demonstrates by letting the guests peel carrots, core cucumbers, make a green pepper into a darling little dish, grate cheese, and more. I peeled the carrot, so the fabulous peeler went on my list. I have peeled about 9 million apples in my life, and this peeler is the best I've ever used. The evening continued like that, and I bought a few useful items, but the point I'm trying to make is:

WHEN are they going to come up with parties like that for useful sewing gadgets?? If you could just try some of the nifty little gizmos you'd know in a minute that you couldn't manage for another day without it. A really great seam ripper, the most versatile ruler, and an opportunity to try all the sizes of rotary cutter to see which you like best; all these would be dandy party demo items. Let's see, different kinds of quilt batting, a few specialty threads to try, and a great big basket of delightfully coordinated fat quarters. If you hear of a party like that, I'd like to be invited!

Have a great weekend wherever you are, and I hope to see you soon.


Tine said...

I want to go to that party too! That's a great idea :) I think you may just have come up with an excellent business idea!

Suzanne said...

I never go to parties like that either but wouldnt it be fabulous if it was a sewing party, think I might go then.

Daisy said...

Diana, that sounds like a great idea! Maybe you should develop it yourself and create a new business! :)