Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Apple fabric

Wow! Isn't this gorgeous fabric? My sister-in-law teaches elementary school and is teaching a lesson on apples. They're going to study different varieties comparing size, color, number of seeds, texture, and flavor. They're also going to be making applesauce, so I assured her she needs an apron for this project. I knew right where to find the apple fabric - I can't wait to get started. :>} As much as I hate to see summer ending (how DID it get to be September already?) it sure is nice to have so much fresh produce from kind neighbors and friends.
The corn and tomatoes came from a friend's garden. Our tomatoes are just now turning red. We're going to have bacon, lettuce, and tomatoe sandwiches for dinner. Yummy! A gal I work with said her tomatoes are ripe, so she ate a whole package of bacon over the weekend. :>}
Take care, and thanks for visiting. I love my blog friends!


Tine said...

Right back at you!!!
That apple fabric is perfect for your sister-in-law! It'll be great for her to wear an apple-apron in class :)
The corn and the fresh tomatoes look yum, there's nothing like produce from the garden. My parents are visiting, and they brought potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes. Mmmmm!

Suzanne said...

Hi Diana, how exciting to learn about all the different kinds of apples, the kids will really enjoy that class.
Your sister in law will love the fabric you chose as well.
I love my blog friends as well.

Daisy said...

Diana, I love that apple fabric. It is beautiful. The corn and tomatoes look yummy. It is wonderful to have fresh from the garden produce, isn't it. I love you, too, Diana. It is so nice to have blog friends to visit with.

Heckety said...

Your 'I spy' quilt is so vibrant, I love the colour placement. The poem for your Mum is very touching, and so right. A lady at Church wrote something similar a few years ago about not ignoring elderly people in Services by having loud rowdy music and words on screens which they can't see. I think we all need nudges from time to time.
And the tomatoes and corn? Yum!
Its a shame that apron fabric isn't edible...but then you wouldn't have an apron I guess...
Thanks for stopping by my place and your comment the other day!

The Gingerbread House said...

The corn and tomatoes look delicious...and your blog friends love you too! ....:o) Ginny