Monday, August 24, 2009

A Poem for Mom

I sent out a plea for help with a poem I started but couldn't get to sound right. My sister, Sara, did the most amazing job with it. It is a gentle reminder to the staff where our mom lives.

My parts have served me well for years
But now that is not so
Just when I seem to need them most
That's when they choose to go.

My eyes no longer see you;
It really seems a shame,
I'd love to stop and chat a bit
If you'd just say your name.

I know it seems redundant-
I should know who you are,
But all's a blur inside these eyes
I can't see near or far.

Then when you tell me who you are
Please speak up nice and clear,
For though I used to listen well
I now must strain to hear.

And if you see me oddly dressed
For morning or for night,
Don't scold or hold me up to scorn;
I tried to do it right.

The flowered blouse, the pajama top,
The shirt that's striped in blues;
My clothes all look the same to me,
So would you help me choose?

My mind, too, often lets me down
Though once it worked just fine.
I pass the rooms but can't recall
Just how to get to mine.

So if you see me wandering
Just take me by the hand
And help me back to 148
I'm sure you'll understand
That losing track of where I am
And where I meant to go
Is not a bit of fun for me;
It's really quite a blow.

I can't walk fast, or stand for long,
My arms don't work the best,
And though I love to exercise
I'll quickly stop to rest.

But what remains of what I was,
My strongest working part,
Is where I feel your love or scorn-
I feel it in my heart.

I laugh and cry just like I did
When I was twenty-five,
And just like you, I need some love
As long as I'm alive.

You cannot tell by looking
But I still dream and plan,
And inside all these failing parts
I do the best I can.



Suzanne said...

Hi Diana, I just got home from work and would like to say that really is a beautiful poem dedicated to your mum and oh so true. Also thank you so much for the lovely parcel, there was also a message from my very excited mum on my phone, she really loved her gift.
Hope your mum stays safe.

Owen said...

Hi Diana, this is touching, very touching, I guess that must be about the worst aspect of life, start slowly breaking down and becoming unable to do the things one loved to do, and no spare parts or repairs available... I guess the message to retain is : make the most of it while we can.

Please say hi to your mom for me...

We just got back yesterday from a month away, out in Brittany on the coast, the girls were doing sailing and Anne and I did some kayaking among other vacation stuff, like just enjoying life... Emilie will be 16 in November, and Lucie just turned 12. Growing up fast....

Daisy said...

Your sister did a wonderful job with this, Diana. I love the poem. I hope it will help make things better for your mom. Have a great weekend! :)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...
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Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh Diana - I was just looking back through your posts when I spotted this poem! Its absolutely incredible! So moving!

Sending your mum lots of love from somebody she has never met and never will but who cares. I hope the staff where she lives get the gentle hints.

Lucy xxxx

P.S. I published my previous comment too soon so it was easier just to delete it and start again!!!