Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trains, sewing, and a peace offering

Just a five minutes walk from our house is the Norfolk and Southern repair yard. Sometimes when we have company they say, "What's that noise?" We're so used to it we don't even hear it anymore.

Wow - all aspects of life, really?

It's a good place to walk with my best walking buddy.

We have another grad at work this year - in fact we have two, so I have a bit more sewing to do

Our neighbors came over with a peace offering and an apology for the flowering tree disaster last week.

Time to go give David a haircut. Have I ever told you that I cut all our hair? Larry hasn't been to any other barber in over 30 years, Daniel never has in his 26 years, and David only went one time, and paid $12 to find out that Mom does a better job at home for free. :>}

I hope you have a lovely week.


Owen said...

"Riding on the City of New Orleans..." Trains always make me think of that song...

Daisy said...

Nice photos, Diana. I'm glad your neighbors brought over a peace offering. It is difficult to deal with hard feelings between neighbors. Saying sorry can help heal a lot.

Your needlework piece is lovely. :)

Hope you enjoy your day today.

Suzanne said...

Hello Diana, I have missed checking your blog this last week. Nice to pop in again. We also live directly across the road from a goods train area, I love it and we are so used of the noise.

I dont pay for haircuts either, too stingy, Brooke did my fringe at Easter and I am waiting for it to grow.

I hope you had a Happy Mothers Day.

The Gingerbread House said...

Ladydi,we can hear the train whistle during the day and at night ...it sounds "peaceful" to us..we imagine the travelers nodding in their seats and glad we are in our beds :o)..Larry is smart to carry a big stick..Cecil does too , for crazy dogs (or people):o) Your flowers are lovely ..cheerful and bright...I've had a nice day, and you and Larry made a part of it..
Thanks again...Ginny

Suzanne said...

Diana, thank you so much for your wonderful surprise, it was so special.
I had a tear in my eye when I opened it as it really is just one of the kindest and most thoughtful things I have had someone do for me.
Thank you again we love the book and I am so glad to have met you online, it really has enriched my life.
Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.