Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beautiful Buttons

Put your best foot forward with these colorful buttons. A lovely ceramic butterfly button.
I love these lighthouse buttons!

A little wooden mouse button.

Don't you just love buttons? They make such a fun addition to sewing projects. These gingerbread people are adorable, but came without holes to sew through. I guess they aren't really buttons - or at least they weren't. Larry came to the rescue and took his tiniest drill bit and drilled holes so I could sew them on. What a nice guy! This is a birthday present for my friend Ginny whose blog name is Gingerbreads House. I

This cat may be a familiar sight - I posted a picture of it last year, but I wanted to point out the use of the little wooden mouse button in the lower right corner. Today I was lucky enough to find more mice buttons. I bought this one ten years ago, and when I went back to the Knit Shop in Aurora, Ohio today to see if they had more, they did! Wow - ten years later - pretty impressive.

This one doesn't have a button - yet. It does have an underline beneath the word "your", though. A late breaking addition. It's for my brother who repairs computers for a busy government type place where everyone thinks his or her problem is the most important, and should be taken care of first. Of course.


The Gingerbread House said...

I love buttons too! I have a lot of them from my old clothing that come in handy for newer items..
Just saved two that I had on a garment from 10 or more years ago..

Daisy said...

I love all the cute buttons, Diana. I especially like the butterfly one. The Gingerbread men are perfect for Ginny! :D

Happy Memorial Day to you!

Suzanne said...

The buttons are all so wonderful.

Did I miss this post, I thought I was up to date on your blog.

Hope you are having a good week.

Tine said...

Those are some really pretty buttons :) And some beautiful projects!