Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The gal who hates to shop

The gal who hates to shop found that using her birthday gift cards (from two months ago!) to JoAnn Fabrics wasn't too much of an ordeal. ;0)
I had a list so I wouldn't just go crazy. I needed brown - you can never have too much of chocolate colored fabric.

I needed something pink and bright and cheerful for a graduation wall hanging like I made last year. We have another grad at work this year.

I've started cutting the blocks for an I Spy quilt. Light blue with white stars seemed like a good choice for the back and sashing. I got a quarter of a yard each of the novelty prints above to use. It's for a baby quilt, but this baby isn't due until November, so I have a lot of time. So far I've cut about 40 squares, all different. I'm going to make it like the Hawaiian postcard quilt, with sashing surrounding each square. I'm wondering if it would be fun to make a match game I Spy, with two squares of each print, randomly placed.

Shhh, this is a present, but don't tell.


Daisy said...

You found such pretty fabrics, Diana. That chocolate is such a rich color. I really like it.

I like the idea of an I spy match game--that sounds really clever.

The duck quilt is really cute! Your secret's safe with me, and I'm sure it will be much enjoyed.

Kristin Joy said...

Cool fabrics! I am actually starting sewing lessons soon. Well, JoAnn Fabrics is really a nice place to get beautiful fabrics.