Saturday, November 15, 2008

My very first swap

Bobbi at sent me this darling wall hanging. I love it! Thank you, Bobbi. She wrote and asked what I like, and when I told her I like things outside in nature, she created these darling snowmen. If you click on the picture you can get a close up of their real stick arms - I love the way they're entwined. I tried it on the green wall and on the white wall to see which is best.
I decided on the green wall.

Don't the snowmen look happy in their new home?

This is what I sent to Trish at I wasn't supposed to post the photo until she received it, but I mailed it over a week ago, so chances are good that she has received it, or will today. If you click on the picture, you can see the sparkley beads. I hope Trish likes this as much as I like the snowmen Bobbi made.


Suzanne said...

What a nice idea to do a swap. The berries look like you could pick them off and eat them.
I am sure Trish will have one big happy face when she gets hers.

Tine said...

The snowmen are very very cute, and they look great on the wall -I like that you have them close to your hawaiian huts. LOL! Swaps are fun, don't you think?! I am sure Trish will love the quilt you made :)

The Gingerbread House said...

The snow people are cute, and I like them best on the green wall too :o) Swaps are a lot of fun too.....Ginny

Daisy said...

Both of those are very nice. What a clever idea for the snow men arms! Having a swap is fun to do. :)