Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Indian Summer

After the first snow, when it gets warm and sunny again, we call it Indian Summer. And we love it! That's what we had yesterday, and even though we were overwhelmingly busy at work, I took a half hour walk at lunchtime outside to enjoy the nice day.
Today is my day off - yay! I need to take my mom to the dentist (poor Mom) but I am also going to make three eight foot long tablecloths for Thanksgiving. Please excuse the wrinkles. This fabric has been folded up in the closet for six or seven years. Not exactly Thanksgiving themed, but very pretty, and the price was right! I got it at a garage sale - all 16 yards of it - for five dollars. It is cotton chintz, so it repels spills. So perfect for a tablecloth! I didn't really have any plans for it when I bought it, which is why I still have so much left six or seven years later. I did try making aprons, which worked well, and dishtowels, which were a disaster. When something repels spills it sure won't dry the dishes! It also doesn't work for napkins, but it should be just right for this project, and Thanksgiving is in just over three weeks!
Lots of the family are coming; Sara and Gil and Mark and Ashley from Tennessee, Nathan from North Carolina, Janet and at least part of her family from Kansas, Peter and Judy and Kim and Norbert from right here in Ohio, and of course, our Mom, and Larry's parents. The four of us will also be there, and we're planning a feast. My sister-in-law, Judy, is a marvelous cook, and kindly offered to bring the turkey. I hate cooking turkey, so it was awfully nice of her. I am baking a ham. :>} We'll also have white potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, fruit salad, green salad, cranberry-orange sauce (also made by Judy, mmmm), rolls, and pumpkin pie for dessert. And probably something chocolate! Some of us feel that it isn't REALLY dessert unless it's chocolate. :>} For once we didn't have to consider available seating when issuing invitations. We got permission from the assisted living facility Mom lives in (Anna Maria of Aurora) to set up folding tables and chairs in the lobby, which is a lovely room, and serve it there. They have a kitchen we can use, and enough space for everyone, so come join us!


Suzanne said...

Indian summer sounds nice. I enjoy hearing about your Thanksgiving preparations. We don't celebrate it here, but have a feast like that Christmas Day. Do you have another one at Christmas.

This last year I have really learnt so much about other cultures and it has been such a great thing.
Waiting for more Thanksgiving talk.

Tine said...

Those tablecloths are sure to be beautiful!! The fabric is wonderful. And trust me, if you didn't live that far away, I would pack up Charles and the kids and join you for Thanksgiving! It sounds like a lovely feast, and such a great time with family :-)

The Gingerbread House said...

The planned dinner sounds very exciting...."Guess who's coming to dinner" ;o) ( I couldn't resist that one)....The tablecloths won't matter as much as the food so relax, they will help folks enjoy the day.. :o)..Ginny

Daisy said...

Ah..Thanksgiving---I'm hungry already! :D

That fabric will make lovely tablecloths, Diana. Your dinner with family sounds wonderful. Such a wonderful holday, Thanksgiving is. :)