Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

I walked to the polls today to cast my ballot, and was pleased to be able to get right in with no waiting. Besides the presidential election, we were voting for a school levy.
And voting to support the fire and rescue services. These are the good souls who rescued Daniel when he was lying on the ground with a broken hip and no one else was home.

We love our fire department and rescue squad!

This seemed like a good idea.
While listening to the pending results on television, I was able to cut out the three tablecloths mentioned earlier, hem them, and even iron them all. As boring as a job like that is, it was kind of nice to have something straightforward to do, with no decisions to make. I'm going to make hot pads for the tables which will resemble small quilts. Of course! More fun, but more decisions, too. Somedays my brain just can't deal with decisions.


Tine said...

I am so glad you voted!! I believe everyone who can vote, should vote! That is the only way to make democracy work :-)
Good for you to have made the tablecloths already! What a great idea to sew them while watching the election....I'll remember that when election time comes around here! I usually just sit around staring at the tv. LOL!

Suzanne said...

In Australia voting is compulsory or you get a fine.
It was probably the only time I have ever known anything about politics in America and I enjoyed watching on the news.
Thanks for the information on your Christmas.

Daisy said...

Diana, I always vote to support our local fire and rescue service people too. I hope it passed where you live. :)

As for making the tablecloths, it is nice to have something like that to keep your hands busy but that you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of time thinking about it at the same time. Leaves your mind free to think of other things or listen to TV or music while you are working.