Saturday, November 8, 2008

The best brother in the world

Wow! Let me tell you about the best brother in the world. He is the brother who gets a phone call from his sister at 9:00 on Saturday morning - his day off - and stops what he's doing, drives for 45 minutes, and fixes her computer at work. At work, where she is completely and utterly helpless without her computer. Thank you, Peter, I appreciate it more than you can imagine!


Suzanne said...

Nice to hear your brother still looks after you. That is so kind of him, I am sure you would help him as well.

Tine said...

That is the best brother to have! Lucky you! It sounds like you have been taught to take care of each other :-)

The Gingerbread House said...

I wished many days I had a brother, even if he didn't know how to fix a computer...even a sister would have been nice...a statement from an only child ...(as she wipes tears from her eyes) aww!..Ginny