Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Quilt camp fun

What fun we had yesterday! We borrowed Jennifer Chiaverini's idea from her books (www.elmcreek.net for more info) and had our own mini quilt camp at home. Judy and Sara were both making placemats, which of course are miniature quilts. LOL :>} I was making a pillow to match the new quilt on the back of the couch. We had the most delightful time! But you should have seen David's face when he came home for lunch. Usually the house is quiet and he reads the paper and eats his lunch in complete peace. He couldn't even find a place to sit down yesterday! He was good natured about it - he knows it doesn't happen often.


Tine said...

Is that a red placemat?? It is gorgeous! It sounds like such a great time!! I am only a little (A LOT) jealous :-)

Suzanne said...

That looks like a fun day to me. I wish I lived closer. I can imagine David, my DH is always reminding me our home is not like it used to be before crafting.

Judy said...

The Quilt camp was a lot of fun. I finished a project I started a long time ago. Diana helped me a great deal and was very patient with me.