Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy weekend

I've had a great weekend, but I never had the camera with me when Kodak moments presented themselves. This morning Larry and I took a lovely long walk and came upon six deer. They didn't seem to mind us, and we enjoyed watching them. Four adults and two smaller ones with their baby spots. We also came upon a cheerful cardinal at the very top of an evergreen tree, singing for all he was worth. Nice! And if that wasn't enough, we came across a stand of Canadian geese. That is not at all unusual around here, but they looked very picturesque where we happened to see them.

Larry's parents came for lunch to celebrate their 64th anniversary. We had a delightful meal and pleasant visit, but once again forgot to get out the camera.

This evening we went to an outdoor concert to see Frankie Starr's Blues Band. He was outstanding, and on the way there, what did we see, but more deer. Two little ones this time, and one of them leapt high in the air over and over again. I had never seen a deer do that before.

We saw several people we knew at the concert, and one of them came over and said she hardly recognized me out of my natural habitat. Funny - she thinks of my natural habitat as the doctors' office where I work. I think of my natural habitat at home with my family and my sewing machine, or out walking with Larry. It made me think of the way others perceive us. To a lot of people I'm just the lady at the doctors' office who schedules their appointments or inquires about their health insurance benefits. I'm really someone who can't wait to get outside to play!


Tine said...

It sounds like a great time, I do that too sometimes, forget the camera :-)
How strange to think, that someone would think of your natural habitat being at work!! Maybe it's because often we only know a part of someones life, and then assume that is all they do! We do not always use our logic, huh?!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog post even without photos :)

Daisy said...

I love it when we see deer around here, except I'm always worried one might run in front of us when driving! I do enjoy seeing them out in groups in the fields. :)

Suzanne said...

I always forget my camera at the most wonderful events. We had morning tea with our Prime Minister of Australia a few years ago and didnt take the camera. We got his autograph though.
Thank You Diana my lovely quilt turned up today and it was the best mail ever.