Friday, July 11, 2008

Just chillin'

Good morning! I have been sooo lazy - haven't sewn one thing since my last post. Buy hey - it's summer and the time to chill. My friends at work were having a conversation about their husbands, describing how they just can't relax when they are at home. We don't have that problem at our house - we're good at relaxing!

Larry and I sit outside and read when we have an hour to spare. He's been reading some of Dean Koontz's books, and I've been rereading the Benni Harper series by Earlene Fowler. We get up to pull an occasional weed and give the flowers a drink, and then hop in the pool for a quick swim. (It has to be quick - our pool is small, but we love it).

My work days are long - 10 or 11 hours - but I only work four days a week, which gives me three days off. Between housework and errands and visits to my mom, I am just doing a lot of chillin'.


Suzanne said...

Enjoy just chillin. It sounds like a wonderful way to pass the time to me. Have a good weeked.

Tine said...

Oh that sounds great to me too! I would love to have a garden to chill in -but I have to say, it sounds like you do work very hard, and like you keep yourself busy when not at work! So I'm glad to hear you are able to find time to be lazy as well :-)

Daisy said...

Have a great weekend! Everyone needs some time off now and again. :)