Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend fun!

Have you ever seen a hot air balloon shaped like a rubber duckie? Cute! The hot air balloon festival is in Chagrin Falls this weekend. Somehow we missed most of it, but we did get to see this darling duck.
I went to Chagrin Falls High School, class of 1974. Can you tell what our school colors were?? We're having our 35th reunion next year, and I thought I would make this for the gal who always organizes these events.

I sometimes put dowel rods in the top and bottom of the wall hangings, and our cat, Hallie, loves to play with the long sticks. Once I cut them to size they are no longer quite such an attraction, and he turns his attention to other things.

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Tine said...

Oh I love the wall hanging with the teddy-bear sleeping under the moon! So cute! And that hot-air balloon is fun! I have never seen one in the shape of anything - well anything other than a balloon....