Friday, May 16, 2008

Finished projects and shopping.

This is Cally's graduation gift. Best wishes, Cally!

This one is for Katie. This is the star fabric mentioned below.

Sadly, Wal-Mart is phasing out its fabric department. As much as I love going to the quilt shop, ( Wal-Mart is more in line with my budget. I stopped in today to stock up before their fabric is all gone. :>{ Four of these I was buying for the second, third, or fourth time. The blue sparkly star fabric is one I've used in several projects and bought the last yard and a half in the store today.


Tine said...

Oh no! How sad! Maybe you can start buying fabrics online? There are good bargains to be had...

Suzanne said...

These fabrics are beautiful. I know what you mean about the budget. We are still able to buy some from department stores but they are too getting less.