Monday, May 26, 2008

In Honor of Those Who Served

Happy Memorial Day, and many thanks to all who have served. We went to the parade this morning, and though we awoke to a thunderstorm, the sky cleared in time for the parade.
Chagrin Falls High School marching band did a fine job.

Last night we went back to the balloon festival, and this time we got to see some activity. Don't they look like floating quilts?

Watching them fill was interesting. They start with a fan and use cool air until just before lift off, when you hear a "whoompf" sound as they turn on the propane and up they go.


Each balloon has about 1750 yards of fabric, and 3 miles of thread! Wouldn't it be neat to see one being made?


Tine said...

I think Memorial Day is such a wonderful holiday! We don't really have anything like it, but it seems disrespectful not to honor those who served.

The hot air balloons are fantastic! It must be fun to see them up close, they must be huge!

Suzanne said...

What wonderful photos of the balloons, it would have been amazing to get so close to them.
Hope you have a happy week.