Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Time

My sister, Sara, is in town from Knoxville, Tennessee. We took a walk on the bike path this morning. The sign by the bridge made us laugh. I think we're below the 5 ton weight limit. ;0)
We saw lots of Queen Anne's Lace, and the butterflies were everywhere. So pretty!
We walked through the park and found a turtle to sit on.
When we went to visit our mom, our brother, Peter, kindly joined us, and even brought his Segway. Have you ever tried one? It is such fun!
Peter rides this nifty vehicle to work every day, then when he arrives he rides it right onto the elevator and into his office. So cool!


Suzanne said...

I did wonder what a Segway was when I saw your update on face book. I remember seeing these in the movie Mall Cop.
What a wonderful time it sounds having your sister to visit and also for your mum.
I cant believe how green it is around your way.

The Gingerbread House said...

Nice to have a sister to have fun with,the two of you favor a lot!...everything looked so green and pleasant.

Daisy said...

Oh what fun! I've never ridden a Segway. I would think that would be a blast to ride around town on. Sounds like you are having a really nice visit with your family, Diana. I'm sure you're enjoying getting to spend some time with your sister.

Tine said...

I have never tried a Segway. I think they are a Danish invention, but we don't really have them here. They are not allowed on the sidewalks or on the bikepaths, so you can't really use them. Silly, huh?! I would love to try one, they look so great!!