Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good deals

This lovely fabric was part of Wal-Mart's 75% off sale when they were closing their fabric department. It was exactly enough to make a jacket for work.

This little guy got a very good deal when Larry and David rescued him after he had fallen from his nest and been abandoned by his mother. They built a make shift nest and hung it from the tree, but mama mourning dove never came to take care of her nestling. Larry and Daniel took him to the Lake Erie Nature Preserve where he will be cared for properly until old enough to live on his (or her) own.

Larry and I found this guitar at a garage sale. It is a popular 50's model in fairly good condition. Larry bought and installed new tuning pegs and strings and sold it on ebay (for 32 times what he paid for it) as part of the benefit for his friend, Rich.
Do you remember the part in "The Sound of Music" where Maria is dancing down the street carrying her guitar? That's what we felt like, because we had walked to the garage sale, and had about a two mile walk home carrying this guitar!


Suzanne said...

I would have loved to have passed by when you were walking but with the guitar.
Love what you have made and what a shame that fabric will no longer be available.

Daisy said...

Your jacket is so pretty, Diana. You look lovely modeling it there. Lucky little mourning dove--Larry and Daniel to the rescue! What a generous gift buying and selling that guitar turned into. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!