Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good times

Larry and I went to the Memorial Day parade yesterday in the town where I grew up. Bagpipes are the best part of any parade! See the little piper towards the back? What a cutie! I heard his mother tell someone he is three.
This is my friend, Jane Babinsky. She is a marvelous piper!
I don't know who this young piper is, but he surely charmed everyone watching the parade. He's getting a little help from his mom here. He's not used to dealing with a kilt.
I stopped at the library on my way home from work today. This book should be a big help!
Inquiry: Do you suppose the library staff prefer patrons to use the self checkout, or wait for a staff member to do it? I know the cashiers at the grocery store don't care for self check out, because it is a way of eliminating one more job. The staff at the library always seem like they have plenty to do, so I usually check out the books myself.


Daisy said...

That littlest piper is cute as can be! What fun!

I would vote for the self check out if the librarians at the desk look busy. If they aren't busy, then I'd say whichever you prefer to use. :-)

My Photography said...

My gosh I love those books you find at the library enjoy your knitting.

Bagpipes have always been a favourite of mine and to see such a little boy play them really makes me smile.

Suzanne PS just signed on my other blog.

Mrs. Baker said...

What fun to see all your projects--indoors and out! PS--how skinny you look! Love, Sara

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That little piper certainly is cute! Lucy x

Tine said...

That little piper is cute cute cute! Parades are fun, I wish we had them more often :)