Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Clock Diet

I haven't done much crafting of late. The Stitch Clique is having its monthly meeting at the library this evening, and I would really like to go and work on a project. I so enjoyed hand quilting Lisa's Baby Honu pattern, but I don't have anything else ready to hand quilt just yet. Perhaps I'll finally start knitting socks!

Since my sister kindly mentioned the word "skinny" in her comment, I thought I'd share a diet I made up. I keep a food journal and try not to eat more than 2200 calories in a day. That sounds like a lot, I know, but I often have even more. AAK! If I don't write it down who knows how high I could go? I eat breakfast around 6:30 (after exercising for an hour), and cannot go over 650 calories, because it's only six and a half hours into the day. On work days I have lunch at 1:00, 1300 hours in military time. In diet time it's 1300 calories for the day by the time I finish lunch. Or I can save some calories for later. I always need a snack around 4:00, by which time my blood sugar level has dropped to my toes, or thereabouts.

I usually go to bed before 10, or 2200 calories for the day. Some days I'm already up to 1800 or 1900 BEFORE dinner, so we have to have a really light supper! We have two favorites for these occasions. Sweet potatoes are very nourishing and delicious, and conveniently low in calories. They're quick and easy for a busy day. Just microwave until soft, add a dollop of cottage cheese, a big plate of fresh spinach, and you have a guilt free dinner! Our other favorite is a big salad made up primarily of fresh spinach. You can have an enormous plate of spinach for only 40 calories. We usually add some walnuts for protein, which are very high in calories, but also very good for you. We add a few carrots, maybe some cheese or chicken, and presto! Another low calorie easy dinner.

There's only one problem with this diet. What happens when you wake up hungry and find yourself eating buttered toast and ice cream at 3:00 a.m.? Which is what I'm doing now. LOL.


Heckety said...

I'd say the answer to the last paragraph is 'Oooops!' or 'Ah well'!

Suzanne said...

A food journal really does show you what you really eat. I did it for a couple of years and lost weight but stopped after having Shakira now I know I really overeat.

I must say thank you for inspiring me to try quilting I am on my 1st real project a baby quilt and while it could do with some improvment it is fun to do.
Also I just put a sewing machine on lay by this afternoon and while it has bells and whistles like I have never seen before it is not nearly as robust as those older machines and is quite plastic in consturction.

The Gingerbread House said...

I got a good laugh trying to analyze the reason for your eating that time of the morning! Maybe your feeding two :o)..sorry Ladydi .I just couldn't resist that one :o)..Ginny

ladydi said...

Oh, no, Miss Ginny, I don't think I'm eating for two at my age! I think it was more of an oops, as Heather said.

Suzanne, I am so excited to hear you are quilting! I hope your machine serves you well for many many years. Perhaps the girls will use the old one?

Daisy said...

I don't know. Sometimes you just have to have ice cream, I think. :-)
Diets no matter how you do it are hard. Everyone slips now and again. I think you just have to forgive yourself and try again to do better.