Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lake Effect

Remember the lake photos I took last summer?

Lake Erie, which we love so much in July and August, is not such a good friend in January. Before it freezes solid, the term "Lake Effect" is in our weather forecast a good part of the time. The lake water evaporates into big gray clouds which float south and east, dumping vast quantities of fluffy white snow on those of us who live south and east of the lake. It snows much more in the "snow belt" which I am happy to tell you is not our home. Those hardy souls in Chardon and Ashtabula received four feet of snow yesterday. AAK! We have a lot, but not that much.
Daniel is such a trooper about keeping our driveway shoveled. This is about the tenth time he's been out in two days. You can see the snow mountain he has made alongside the driveway. I tried to go visit my mom this morning, but the roads were terrible, so by the time I got to Twinsburg and encountered an accident on Route 82 I turned around and came home. I did make it to work yesterday, and will again tomorrow, but today is my day off and I am hibernating.


Daisy said...

I'd be hibernating too! You have a lot more snow there than we have here, Diana. I'm already tired of the couple of inches we have on the ground. January can never get by fast enough for me. Sorry you weren't able to get out to visit your mom. At least you know she is inside where it is safe. Hope you are keeping warm!

Tine said...

That's a lot of snow!! My goodness, my kids would be thrilled :)
I am glad to hear you were catious, and returned home, that does not sound like a safe drive! I hope you have an easier time getting to work tomorrow, and that it will be possible to visit your mom soon!

Jodie said...

That is mind-blowing !!!

trasha said...

Puts our 4 inches here in SouthWestern UK into persepctive.

Suzanne said...

Snow, for me is like the kangaroos for you. I would love to go outside my front door and see that amount of snow its just amazing, maybe when I get rich I will visit you in winter just to see the snow.
Hope you are able to get about better soon though.