Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ice Cream Cake tutorial

For Father's Day tomorrow, we are having ice cream cake. It's a fun and easy dessert to make, and everybody loves it. You start with your favorite sandwich cookies - we like the ones with chocolate in the middle.
Make them into crumbs with the help of a rolling pin, and spread them in the bottom of a cake pan.

I forgot to post that picture, but the crumbs are underneath the ice cream you see here. Let the ice cream soften a bit while you are crushing the cookies, then spread it on top of the layer of cookie crumbs. I used the whole box of ice cream for this layer.

Add another layer of crumbs, then another layer of ice cream, also using the whole box of ice cream.

Top it off with more crumbs, and your cake is finished!

It's delicious! And now you can see why it took me seven years to lose 49 pounds. I treat myself to ice cream cake from time to time.

Shhh. A Father's Day pillow for Larry's dad. He was in the Air Force during World War II, so I made him an Air Force pillow. I was delighted to find this fabric for him.

I've been eager to try making quilted postcards, so I began with a Father's Day card for my sweet Larry. We love watching sunsets together. It was so much fun that I'm sure I will be making more quilted cards.


Tine said...

MMmmmmm! I see icecream-cake in my future :) Lol!
The pillow is beautiful, Larrys father will love it!
Your postcard is great too, I've been meaning to try that too. I like the sunset you've made is gorgeous, I love the starry sky and the sun setting over the ocean. So thoughtful!

Owen said...

Hey Diana, jeez, looks like alot of calories... but you can send me a virtual slice to help keep me energized in front of the blogging screen... it is taking on a life of its own now, had no idea back last September where it might lead, but it is turning into a really fun trip wherever it goes.

Suzanne said...

That ice cream cake sounds yum. We call sandwich cookies, choclate cream biscuits and our ice cream comes in a plastic carton.
The pillow and the postcard are fantastic and I am sure the receipents would have loved them.
Hope they had a wonderful fathers day, we celebrate it in September here.

Daisy said...

Diana, that cake looks delicious. That would be wonderful to serve on a hot day like the one we had today. I really like the pillow and the postcard you made too. You are so creative with your sewing. Very nice!