Sunday, June 14, 2009

Function or fashion?

This parade of shoes shows the ones I like the best. Not a high heel among them. As you can see I am a firm believer in function before fashion.
On the left are the ones that used to be work shoes, but are now play shoes. The ones on the right are work shoes. I feel very lucky to work in a place where we are required to wear comfortable shoes. What could be more sensible?

My dress up shoes! I love them.
Wait just a minute while I get out my soapbox. Ah there, all in place for my short tirade. A woman in her mid 40's brought her daughter for an appointment at the doctors' office where I work. She had on shorts and a tank top and sandals with four inch wedge heels. If she finds that comfortable, more power to her. I mentioned after she left that I could never wear such shoes - too uncomfortable, not to mention dangerous. One of my co-workers said, "She's single. She has to look good." Whoa! What kind of a remark is that? It bothered me a lot, and though I generally keep my opinions to myself and stay out of arguments at work, I just had to speak up.
In the first place, we should always dress appropriately for the occasion, but also for our own comfort and satisfaction with our appearance. The implication that we don't have to look nice for the one we love the most bothered me, although perhaps she meant that our husbands will love us anyway, even if we don't wear 4 inch heels. I'm quite certain that part of the reason Larry loves me is my personality which doesn't allow me to wear uncomfortable or dangerous shoes!
Are you tired of the subject yet? Feel free to move along, because I'm not finished. AAK! The idea that a single woman "has to look good" just burned my toast. Here she is, a busy working single mom, and she just has to be happy with herself. She doesn't have to wear 4 inch wedge heels to impress anyone.
The funny part of this, of course, is that the woman in question wasn't part of the conversation. She was teetering out to the parking lot when the subject came up. I hope she doesn't feel like she HAS to wear those shoes because she's single. What a concept!


Tine said...

I can see why you got upset. Being married or in a relationship would be a poor reason to not take care of your appearance!
I think you are right in saying, that we should wear what is appropriate, makes us feel comfortable and what we like!
I usually wear heels to work, can't really see myself in neither shorts nor tanktop (work or not). But that's just me :)

Linda B said...

I think this is a riot. For you to display your shoes!!! My collection would be very similar, but would include my barn boots and muck shoes.
I had to stop wearing heels when my toes started popping. Now even a 1/2" heel causes me torture. How do they do it? I gotta admit, the heels make a womans legs look good, but there must be some reason we have the men, and they don't. It must be our awsome personalities. Oh, my first visit here, and I really enjoyed myself. Come on by.

The Gingerbread House said...

Ladydi,I hate to show all the shoes in my closet that need to be tossed! They are good shoes I can't wear those heels anymore and don't give a darn for them now day when I'm not so lazy off to goodwill they will go!
Thank God Cecil loves my cooking and isn't ready to trade me (after 61 years) for the High heeled babes :o)....Ginny

Daisy said...

I agree with you, Diana. My shoes are comfortable and what I like and I don't own any high heels either. I also don't think you need to wear high heels in order to be attractive. That's just crazy.

Suzanne said...

It's a bit of a sad day to say someone has to wear appropriate fashion, because they are single.

I actually go for comfort over fashion, but still like to look nice. Shakira made me laugh at John and Vic's wedding asking loudly why I didn't wear pretty clothes like everyone else, I had on a lovely pink flower skirt, a new black top and low heeled shoes. I was happy it was practical and nice maybe not pretty. Later in the evening I found it ironic as most people who had purchased new dresses and very high heel shoes, were walking around with bare feet.
I say comfort over fashion any day and dress to make yourself happy.
Now sorry Diana I filled up your comments box, I will be back to smaller comments next time, I promise.