Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hail to the Chief!

I was fortunate to have the day off today, and got to watch the inaugeration on television with my mom. Watching history being made is awe-inspiring. Below is the button she asked me to make for her last November. We watched for two hours, from 11:00 - 1:00. One of the things I liked best was seeing Yo yo Ma playing the cello in the quartet. He looked so happy, and never even glanced at his music. What an outstanding musician he is!

I almost feel like I know him, having been introduced via Public Television by Fred Rogers. Larry and I have always admired, respected, and enjoyed Mr. Rogers and his television program for children. Yo yo Ma has been on several times, performing and sharing how he got started in music when he was only four years old. I wish Mr. Rogers was still alive to see his friend performing so beautifully at such an occasion.
I'm one of those fidgity people who can't just sit and watch tv, so I stitched. Later I realized I should have been stitching something patriotic, but this is what I did. It is actually for two different little wall hangings.
Did you see President Obama's daughter with her camera? How darling to remember to keep up the family photo album! She'll be able to see photos of this event in history books all of her life.


Tine said...

It was a great day indeed! And she was very cute with her camera :) It'll still be specail to have her own personal photos from that day!
The stitcheries are so pretty!

Suzanne said...

It was indeed a very special day, it sent shivers though me I was so inspired and I really felt such a sense of peace.
And I love that his daughters took photos what an amazing memory for her.

Owen said...

Go Obama !!! Hope you're not too cold under all that snow. I know you do alot of sewing and quilting especially, but did you pick up the family habit of knitting too? I hope so, as some nice warm home-knit sweaters and socks are what is needed this time of year... by the way, I just figured out how to put a list of blogs I follow that stays at the top of my blog page... and you are in it... so easy now to link over to your blog from mine. My Mom was always knitting while watching tv or whatever. Stay warm !

Daisy said...

A very historic day! Let's hope the future will be brighter as a result.