Sunday, January 11, 2009

Black and white world?

Did the world turn black and white? Is this supposed to be a swiming pool?
Oh! I think I see some color, once I get the car brushed off. The world isn't black and white after all.

I started over with the baby quilt. I have five more rows to sew on, then need to decide on a border. For someone as decision challenged as I seem to be, it could pose a problem.

It's kind of fun to be snowed in. (We're only snowed in by choice. We could get out if we ran out of chocolate or something. :>}) I hope you're having fun in your part of the world.


Daisy said...

So glad to see that splash of yellow! Things have turned pretty much black and white here too. The baby quilt is so pretty, Diana. Very nice! And I'm really glad you can get out if a no chocolate in the house emergency should come up!! HA HA! ;)

Tine said...

LOL!!! You are so funny! I am happy to hear you are able to get out should you run out of chocolate :D I guess that's the same as if I ran out of cocacola?!
The babyquilt is so gorgeous. I have the tutorial you made for that technique bookmarked, and eventually I will come back to it. I just love the quilt you made for your couch, and now this gorgeous babyquilt! I think borders are extremely difficult. Even when you rehearse the fabrics. Good luck, looking forward to seing what you choose!

Lady Hopwood said...

I wanna be snowed in!

But we just get ice (so driving is treacherous) or rain (wet - bluegh!) oh well, at least I can always get out for chocolate!

Love the quilt, love your neat and matching corners!

Suzanne said...

Oh I just love snow, and I love seeing it here. Sorry if its been bad for you.

Escaping for chocolate is a good choice.

The Gingerbread House said...

Hi Ladydi, at first I thought all that white was Cotton :o), guess I have a phobia to all white and fluffy :o)..
Being snowed in is perfect to finish up that quilt ...Ginny

Connie W said...

One should never run out of chocolate by all means! ;D

Since we haven't had any snow to speak of I can enjoy photos of yours. They say we may get a little overnight but won't amount to much.

Suzanne said...

Hello Diana, just answering your question.

Brooke wanted special burgers, vegetarian lentil, nothing too exciting.
We did buy them.
They cost around $20.00 per per kg, which I think is about 2 pound.

Owen said...

Of course the world is black and white... people who claim they are seeing color are just hallucinating, got something funny in their morning coffee ! Bet you were thinking about that Calvin & Hobbes cartoon I posted a while back ?!? Even if just subliminally...