Thursday, January 15, 2009

Decision made

I was able to make a decision about the border. Yay! I did change my mind about the quilting thing. I mentioned that a newly opened quilt shop rents time on their very cool (and very expensive) quilting machines. But how silly would that be? Baby quilts are a manageable size to quilt at home. I should save that option for the next time I make a big quilt. I was in Marc's buying Bran Buds, and look what I found! Beautiful gift boxes, the perfect size for baby quilts. I bought a few, but am at a loss for where to store them.

Larry is one of those people who has eight pairs of $1 reading glasses, but never where he can find them. This questionable looking object is a glasses holder! Please please do not zoom in on this photo, or you will see the sloppy workmanship. AAK!


Tine said...

The baby quilt looks terrific! What a great job you did on the borders :)
I think it's a good idea to save the time on a rented machine for a big quilt, they are a hazzle to drag through a home machine, at least I think so!
The holderr for glasses is a great idea!! I love that! Not only do you all have a place to put his glasses when you find them around the house, but it also looks really nice! Great job!

Lady Hopwood said...

You have been busy! I love it and I love that all those corners match - well done you!

Suzanne said...

The baby quilt looks wonderful. You really have been busy getting lots done.

I really like the glasses holder, its a great decoration around the home and also practical.

The Gingerbread House said...

Hey Ladydi, the workmanship on the baby blanket is terrific..I didn't see any mistakes on the eyeglass holder!The boxes are pretty, what about storing them in the Attic!.
I'm sure you will find a spot..

Daisy said...

Diana, your baby quilt is lovely. I'm sure that will be much appreciated. What could be nicer than a gift of warmth from your hands and heart. :)