Sunday, December 14, 2008

Six Day Quilt

Several weeks ago I was thinking about making a guitar quilt for David. Then he drove for seven hours to pick up a set of drums he had purchased on ebay. After playing guitar every day of his life for ten years, he became a drummer. His guitars sat gathering dust while I searched for drum fabric. When you type "drum fabric" into google you get some really odd results. Things to make drums out of, or to muffle drums with. If you type "novelty fabric drums" you get Santa with a toy drum in his pack, or a marching band with a drum, or. . . lots of things that weren't what I was looking for. So I typed "novelty fabric music" and found the most beautiful guitar fabric. Of course I already had some guitar fabric that I wasn't going to use since David is a drummer. But then one day I came home and he was playing his guitar. So I bought the beautiful guitar fabric. I had to work fast, because it was 2 1/2 weeks before Christmas. I made the back first, attached the batting, then used my tried and true "quilt as you go" method. It's not heirloom quality, or show quality, but lots of love went into it, and I think he'll like it.

The colors didn't photograph very well. That light non-color is really lime green to match the lime green guitars.
Now I have some baking to do, and a few other Christmas secrets. Wishing a joyous Christmas season to you and yours.


Jodie said...

he will love it - My son jumps between his guitars, keyboard and bongo's......Its a noisy house!

The Gingerbread House said...

Ladydi, the quilt is lovely and the color showed up pretty good when I did a click to enlarge it.
Lucky Son, playing more than one instrument is is mesmerizing even to the one playing :o) Ginny

Suzanne said...

That is a very special quilt and he will just love it, what a nice surprise for him, I bet your quilting quality is perfect.
He must really love music to drive 7 hours for some drums.

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi Ladydi, I found your sweet comment on my blog and came over to visit you. I love your blog. I had to laugh about your son changing his mind from one thing to the other. That was always how my children did, especially when it was time to buy a certain type of Chrismtmas present. They would talk about one thing for a month before Christmas, then when they saw the store Santa, they would change their mind and say something else and not change their mind!LOL. Just enjoyed your blog. Thanks for stopping by, blessings, Kathleen

Tine said...

It is gorgeous! He will LOVE it for certain! You must have worked really fast on this, to finish it so quickly...well done :D

Daisy said...

Oh what a beautiful quilt and such a wonderful gift from your heart and hands! Very sweet! You son will treasure it, I think. :D