Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The casual approach to New Year's resolutions

I started making New Year's resolutions in 2001. I have a really casual approach which works well for me. I resolve to do whatever it is sometime in the year. That takes all the pressure off, but gives me kind of an open ended goal. That first year I started doing yoga at home from a book. An aquaintance told me I wouldn't be able to do it "the right way" at home and I should attend classes. Time and money both being factors, I stuck to my original plan, and still do yoga every morning for 20 minutes. It's hard to believe it's been eight years!

Some years my resolution is for self-improvement, other years for home-improvement. One year it was to replace the bathroom tile, another year to replace the kitchen carpet. Later rather than sooner is my usual agenda, like the year I finally took care of a skin problem (that turned out to be cancer) in November.

This year's was to do something about the garage. The roof had a hole created by a visiting racoon who used it as an entry to the garage attic. The door was so difficult to raise I mostly decided it wasn't worth the effort. Both problems had been taken care of by mid-summer, which is pretty prompt for us! I have to say that Larry is very supportive in helping me fulfill "my" resolutions, especially since they sometimes involve hiring someone to do something.

The other part of my casual approach is that I don't have to decide today what my resolution for the new year will be. I'm thinking - porch- it's a complete disaster. What is supposed to be a lovely sun porch is so full of things that we can hardly walk through it. I'm also thinking - quilt show- it would be quite an achievement to enter one. I'm also thinking - Etsy shop- how fun that would be with my little wall hangings.

I usually make more than one per year, and so far I've kept all but one in eight years. That one was about helping someone who didn't want help. So be it. Another learning experience.

Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year, with or without resolutions!


Suzanne said...

I hope you had a Happy New Year, I would love to see you open an Etsy shop and the quilt show is another wonderful resolution, you know me the porch would probably wait.

Tine said...

I think that is a good way to think of resolutions :) I used to do that year I had to learn 10 ways to fold napkins! Needless to say I was folding napkins all of November and December. Lol! I wonder what it'll be this year....

Daisy said...

Diana, I really like your approach to New Year's resolutions. It sounds very sensible to me and it is obviously working for you. I think you should consider having your own Etsy shop too! You are very talented with your sewing projects, and it seems like they would go well on Etsy.

Happy New Year to you and Larry and your family!