Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mitten tutorial

Tonya ( shared her photos of the first snow they had in 20 years in South Louisiana. Her seven children played in it - their first snow! - until their hands got cold. This tutorial is for her and anyone else who would like to make a pair of mittens.

Draw around the person's hand for whom you are making the mittens. Leave lots of room for the fingers to move - it helps them stay warm!
You might try your first one out of a scrap - you'll be making adjustments for size and shape the first time you try it. When your pattern is perfected, cut two pieces of fabric and two of lining for each mitten. I used the same fleece for both, so cut four pieces for each mitten.

With right sides together, stitch around the edges, (I used a 3/8" seam allowance) leaving the wrist open. Clip curves. Turn the fabric piece right side out. Leave the lining piece inside out

Tuck the lining inside the mitten.

Stitch the two pieces together, using two rows of stitching 3/8" apart. This forms a casing for the elastic. See above photo.

Cut a piece of 1/4" elastic a little bigger than the recipient's wrist. Insert it into the casing, stitch ends together. This keeps the cold and snow from getting in.

Trim half an inch off the lining at the opening. Turn the fabric side over the lining and stitch the hem. You have a mitten! Now make the second one so someone you love can play in the snow with warm hands.


The Gingerbread House said...

Hey Ladydi, that's a pretty good tutorial you have posted, and it gives me an idea to make a pair for a daughter who suffers from arthritis in her hands and has to drive in the cold mornings getting to work..Thanks, I'm going to try it.....Ginny

Tine said...

Thank you! This will come in very handy around here. Charles have problems finding mittens or gloves that fit, because his hands are sp large :/
But now I can make some for him!!

ladydi said...

Thanks, friends. I have always preferred mittens. Gloves just don't keep my hands warm. I'm tempted to make the thumbless variety for winter walks, because I usually end up putting my thumb in with the fingers to keep warm anyway. :>}

Daisy said...

Cool! Or I guess I should say "Warm!" ;)
Thanks, Diana. You are so talented with your sewing. I enjoy reading your tutorials. :)

Suzanne said...

I think I should try and make some mittens come winter, I know Shakira would love it if I made her some.
Thanks for sharing.