Thursday, September 11, 2008

Instead of sewing. . .

I have been too busy to sew, but fortunately not too busy to take a walk to see things like this bush. It is magnificent! Those orange things are berries. The photograph doesn't do it justice, but it was the highlight of our walk.
Sometimes a little chocolate helps! Have you seen the new mint 3 Muskateers bars? Mmmm.

I have been given new responsibilities at work, which has required homework. Tonight I will be conducting my first interviews for some new help. I spent a lot of time preparing. I firmly believe that God is the only real employment agent, and He will send us the right person for the job, I just have to do a few interviews to see which one! In the past when I was seeking employment, I always relied on God to get me to the right place, and He did - every time.


Suzanne said...

God does have a way of helping when needed. Good luck with the interviews.
Chocolate is my love, I eat way too much.

Daisy said...

The bush looks quite amazing in the photo. I imagine it is even more so in person.

I'm up for chocolate anytime! :D

Tine said...

I'm certain God will send the right person for the job. And I am sure He will help you see who it is :-) Good luck!

The bush is really pretty, and it looks gigantic in the photo! Very impressive :-)

Chocolate.....yum....if you are like me, you eat way too much of it ;-)

The Gingerbread House said...

I was able to click and open the picture in another window giving me a close up view, and your right it's magnificent!....are the berries edible? can you use them for dyeing?...It must have some purpose, it's beautiful. Ginny

Jen said...

Hi Diana-
Is that a bittersweet bush? If so, it's impressive! I like to decorate with it in the fall, but it can be hard to find.

ladydi said...

Thanks, friends, for all your nice comments. I'm sorry to tell you that I have no idea what kind of bush it is, or if the berries are edible or can be used as dye. We passed it on our walk, but it's not a route we take often, so it was new to me.

God sent a really wonderful canditate for the job, and I can't wait to hire her. Company policy dictates that she have a background check first, which I'm sure she'll pass with flying colors. I'm also placing faith that she'll still be available by the time we get the results. :>}