Monday, September 1, 2008

Because nice matters.

Wow! I love these colors, and I love having a stash of fabric to choose from when inspiration strikes.
We do have cat rules at our house. He is not allowed on the dining table, (even when it's being used for an ironing table) and he is certainly not allowed to drink out of our water glasses. This is what happened when I turned my back for a minute. He loves water, and even though I give him a fresh bowl daily, he would prefer to drink ours, thank you very much.

Things are difficult at work right now. I made this to hang in my work area to remind myself (and anyone who happens to see it, one person in particular) of this important message. We have had a crisis, and two of our number were let go, and another is on an extended vacation. Those of us who are left have to manage the best we can, mainly by working harder and longer than ever.

It's Labor Day, and having a holiday from our labor is especially welcome! The above troubles are temporary, others will be hired, but for now it's great to have a day off.

Wishing you, my wonderful blog friends, the very best.


Tine said...

Ouch! It's awful for those who lost their jobs, and it is hard to be one of the few left at work. You have to run faster, endure a lot of bad moods, and on top of that, feel a little guilty :-(
Hope evrything is better real soon!

Suzanne said...

Our cat does the same, he sneaks up all the time and he love sipping our water when we are not looking.
Hope the work front improves, hoping the sign helps sometimes you need a cheer up.

Daisy said...

HA HA HA! Cat rules! Every cat I ever met pays absolutely no attention to any rules that mere humans try to impose upon them. I love cats for their arrogance and independence. They are very loving and entertaining creatures as well.

I'm sorry to hear of tough times at work. It was good to have a day off though, I am sure. Hope things get better for you there soon.

I love the wall hangings. Beautiful colors and sentiment. :D