Sunday, September 7, 2008

From tree to table

Hmm. I hope you'll take my word for the fact that this is an apple tree. The apples don't show up very well in the picture! My dad started it from seed and gave it to us in a little pot. I can't even remember when that was, but it's grown a lot since then.
We had a good harvest this year. First stop was the sink for a bath.

Then the peeling and slicing. It was so nice of Larry to help me!

He enjoyed apple pancakes for breakfast the same day he picked the apples.

We all love applesauce.

There were plenty to share with the neighbors, too. :>}


Tine said...

Yum! Those apples look good. And how nice of Larry to hhelp out :-)

The Gingerbread House said...

What a nice bounty..I would love to taste those Apple Pancakes!, they look delicious.....and I got a close up look at the tree and it's good and loaded....Ginny B.

ladydi said...

I'm glad you got a close up of the tree - did you get a close up of the fat little groundhog enjoying his share?? (click on the photo for a close up :>}

Daisy said...

That groundhog looks quite pleased at his share! :D

I'm with Ginny. Those apple pancakes look delicious.

What wonderful treats you have to enjoy from that apple tree.

Suzanne said...

The apples look so good. I can see that is an apple tree. We have one in our garden which we started from a seed, it is still quite small but now I can see that it will grow apples.