Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Saturday

When Larry isn't teaching guitar lessons or making music, he works part time for a tree service. The three guys like to say they are the oldest tree crew in Ohio. :>} Their boss, Dave, is turning 70 next month. I hope he'll see the humor in his present!

I am so impressed that a 70 year old man is willing and able to climb 80 feet up to trim branches off enormous trees. Larry (age 59) and Frank (age 65) are the ground crew, hauling away the branches as they come down, and grinding them to sawdust. It is extremely heavy work, as you can imagine. You should see the biceps on those guys!

We had our portion of hurricane Ike last Sunday night, and the tree crew spent all week removing tree parts from peoples' roofs, garages, and other inconvenient locations. We were fortunate to have our electrical power most of the time. It was just out for six hours Sunday night. I work with several people whose electricity was off for four days! The most amazing thing is, they came to work looking just as nice as always, after showering and dressing by candlelight.


Suzanne said...

That is a lovely gift, I am sure he will be happy. I dont count 70 as old, the youngest I visit on my rounds is 83.
I did hear about the hurricane hitting your area, one of my other blog buddies is from Ohio and had no power for 4 days.
I was wondering how you went.
Have a good weekend Diana.

Tine said...

What a great present! You do make such noce things :-)
I'm impressed with the work they do! They must be very strong men

Daisy said...

Working on the tree crew must be really hard work. And being up that high at the age of 70!! Oh my! Of course, I'm afraid of high open places so I wouldn't want to do that at any age. Lovely gift that you made, Diana. :)