Sunday, August 17, 2008

Funny shirt!

I love this shirt! It is for an imaginary quilting team from a ficticious college. Nice! If you have read Jennifer Chiaverini's books you will recognize Waterford College, and Elm Creek Valley, PA.
It's fun to imagine just what a varsity quilting team would work on, isn't it? The shirt came from and I found it through which is Jennifer Chiaverini's website.
I wonder why I always look so much older in photos? How did I get so middle aged??


Suzanne said...

Great shirt, I think you look good, not middle aged at all.

Daisy said...

Fun shirt---how clever! :D

TLC said...

I love Elm Creek quilt novels! That shirt is awesome! I think I gotta have one!

The Gingerbread House said...

Stop whinning, you look beautiful, wait until every thing that was up goes down...and everything down gets lower...then maybe , just maybe you can gripe about it before Plastic surgery...:o)
Ginny B.

Tine said...

Love that shirt!! And I haven't even read the books.... Maybe I should :-)
I think you look great! Fellow red-head ;-)