Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Day Off

I'd like to introduce you to my younger son, David. He and his dad personify the expression "You can never have too many guitars." David recently moved back home with us, after living with friends for a year and a half. We're so happy to have him back under our roof!
My friend Holly recently became a grandma! I hope baby Ben likes Sponge Bob.

Another bib for baby Ben.

Look what I found when I went to get some sweet potatoes to cook for dinner. I guess I left these a little too long. We decided to plant the one on the right since it had already started growing.
Just a note about the kind awards my friends have bestowed on me. I really do appreciate it, but . . . I am probably not going to do them justice. It takes me sooo long to do the links, and I need to drive out to the fruit farm and pick up some fresh peaches. Mmmmm! I love peach season, but the fruit farm I go to is 25 miles away. It's not too far from where my parents used to live, and I haven't been out that way since their house was sold last summer. It will take an hour and a half to do the round trip, and about 5 minutes to admire the fruit and make my purchase. I would take me longer than that to do the links required by an award!!


Suzanne said...

I agree with you son in a way, you can never have too many musical instruments. Love the bibs you have made for little Ben.
As for the awards, I understand, it takes me all day to work it out. I start, stop get frustrated and then wait till my teenage son comes home. I still owe Tine one. Have a good day and yummy to sweet potatoes.

Tine said...

I think award are meant to be fun and to show appreciation to friends -not to be a hazzle!! So acknowledging you recieved the award by mentioning it in your post should definately be enough :-) It's just for fun :-D

It must be nice to have your son back in your house again. How old is he?
And to have father and son share a hobby must be fantastic! I hope that happens with my son, they would have so much fun, and I know Charles would be sooooo happy and proud! Well, we'll have to wait a few years to find out. LOL!

The bibs look great! Such a thoughtful (and useful) gift..

Connie W said...

One of my sons always had guitars around too. He, like my dad, shared the thought there can never be too many. Perhaps that's like my thinking there can never be too many sewing machine. ;D

ladydi said...

Thanks, friends, for understanding about the awards. David is 21 1/2 and his brother Daniel is 25 1/2. They were both born in January. Daniel is gifted in many areas, but suffers from Assberger's Syndrome, and doesn't get out much. David is just the opposite -he's always on the go and has a very active social life. He works full time and plays in a band, and is entirely charming. It is nice for us to have Daniel at home; he is a wonderful help around the house and yard - you can't imagine how empty it felt around here last summer when he was in the hospital with his broken hip. We love our boys!

Daisy said...

It sounds like you are blessed with a wonderful family, Diana. What a joy to have your son back in your household.

The bibs are cute! You are so thoughtful to share your sewing gift with so many.

As for the awards, I agree with the others. They are just for fun! No need to worry about them if you'd rather not.