Friday, June 20, 2008

Sewing corner

Jodie shared her sewing studio with us at and inspired me to do the same. I was going to tidy up the fabric stash, but that would be cheating! I do tidy it up often, but then I need to find something and it ends up looking much like this again.

I sew in a corner of our dining room. It is not a large room to begin with, and it also contains my desk and of course our dining table and four chairs, as well as my parents' corner curio cabinet that needed a home when their house was sold. The saving grace is that it is off our living room with no wall between them, and a very high ceiling, so it doesn't seem nearly as crowded as it would if it were confined by walls and a regular ceiling.
When the boys were little I loved being able to sew while being in the same room with the family. I still have great conversations with Daniel while I'm sewing. Larry and David are often in their music studios (crowded places like this one, but down the hall) making music. They both play guitar, and maybe someday you'll see a post about that.
The shelves above my sewing area have boxes of partly finished projects, fabric scraps too small to be included in the stash shelves, four large thread boxes, gift wrap, tissue paper, and dinner napkins! They are a handy reach for setting the table which is a mere half step from the sewing corner. My "good" stash is stored in a little unit just behind Daniel's chair at the dinner table. I covered it with an unquilted (as yet) wall hanging, to keep the sun from fading the fabric.
The rest of my stash is here and there. Some in a plastic bag underneath the chair I am sitting in right now (the corner of which you can see in the first photo), some in the lower cupboard of the curio cabinet, some in plastic storage boxes in our porch.
When I saw Lisa Boyer's sewing studio at I thought I could never show mine, but I guess hers is the exception, not the rule. It is gorgeous!


Tine said...

I like it! And it is very neat... It is just so hard to keep everything cleaned up when you are working! Maybe if we all had a huge room, just to use as a sewing room, it would be possible to keep it super-neat all the time? still don't think so! I know I couldn't. I love your area. It looks really nice, and it is great to be close to the rest of the family :-)

Suzanne said...

I love your creative corner. You have material piled up while I have coloured cardboard in my corner. Thanks for sharing your area.

Daisy said...

It looks like you have lots to choose from to inspire you when you make something new, Diana. :)