Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy June!

June is my favorite month! I love the long long hours of daylight. We can take our early morning walk in the daylight, and then another one at night, still light as day. Larry and I got married in June, another reason it is my favorite month.

Hmm, Blogger doesn't appear to want to post pictures today. And here I was all set to post my finished cat picture. I have a little fantasy that I would like to enter it in the quilt show next March. They accept small quilts as well as large, and I do love it! The whiskers are made of nylon thread and look very whisker-like. The eyes and nose are beads, and check out the mouse in the corner. It's a wooden button I picked up at a yarn store nine years ago. You never know when you might need a mouse button. The four borders and binding are all from my stash, and came from the Cotton Candy Quilt Shoppe.

We had such a nice weekend. Sunny and high sixties. Today we went to hear my amazing friend Liz perform at a piano recital the Cleveland Institute of Music hosted at the fabulous Mixon Hall. She is an outstanding pianist! The Botanical Gardens happened to be right across the street, so we went there as well. The Costa Rican rain forest was filled with colorful butterflies, none of which I had ever seen before around here. We do have butterflies, but not like the ones fluttering around in the artificial rain forest. Normally I don't approve of animals in captivity, but this place is more like paradise than captivity. It is enormous and full of lovely flowering plants and trees. The butterflies are free to fly wherever they want to. The Owl variety spent a lot of time perched on wedges of watermelon taking delicate sips of watermelon juice.

For a person who mostly stays at home, I sure have been on a lot of outings lately. :>}

Hopefully Blogger will allow me to post a picture of the cat in the next day or two.


Suzanne said...

Its amazing to hear to speak of June and the daylight hours and weather it brings. We started our 1st day of winter yesterday and we got an amazing thunderstorm. Happy anniversary to you. Have a good day.

Tine said...

I hope Google works soon, so you can show us all your cat-quilt! How exciting to enter it in a quilt show! You should try that! That would be so much fun :-)
I can understand why you like June. When is your anniversary?

ladydi said...

You two are so nice to keep visiting my blog! I always enjoy your comments, and feel privileged to have made friends across the ocean. Larry and I were married on June 29, 1980 - thanks for asking! I usually take that week off work so we can enjoy the long days of summer together.